2018 Velox Are In Stock!

We are happy to announce the 2018 Velox Carbon frames are in stock now! However, there are a couple sizes that aren’t. For 2018 we have created new tooling so our bigger frames have a longer rear-end. The tooling for these frames has taken longer than we anticipated, so three models are delayed currently. Of the ten sizes, XL-L, XXL, and XXXL are delayed until the end of March. We have a fully updated geometry chart at the bottom of our Velox Pro page as well as our Velox Youth page, but we still need to update the Youth page to our 2018 images. What you currently see on the Youth page is the 2017 color ways.

Sizes available now include: Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro XL-S, Pro 24 and Pro XL 24

Sizes delayed include: Pro XL-L, Pro XXL, Pro XXXL


Image: Norwegian Olympian Tore Navrestad’s 2018 Gloss Yellow Velox Carbon