M2 Frames in Stock!

Stoked to finally announce we’ve received the first order of M2 frames into our Florida warehouse. These are available directly though us, online through mail orders such as J&R Bicycles, and abroad through some of the finest distributors in BMX!! If you have any questions, drop us a line or visit the M2 product page!


M2 Frames

Hey everyone!! We’re happy to announce the long anticipated M2 alloy frames are almost ready to drop. They’ve been pushed back a couple times from their original launch date (which we apologize for) but they should be arriving the 17th of February. In preparation for their launch, we’ve added them to our frames page above. If you have any questions about the frames, check that page out, and if we haven’t answered your question, drop us an e-mail – Thank you guys so very much for your support. -Db44


Team Page Updated

Want to learn a little about our Speedco Bicycles Factory Team? Check out the recently updated Team page in the navigation bar!


Speedco Welcomes 3x UCI World Champ, Ryan Martin.

“I find it a huge honour and am grateful to have the opportunity to represent Speedco Bicycles for the foreseeable future. Speedco and Avian are producing top of the line products that will help me compete at the highest level.” –Ryan Martin 

“I’m really stoked on the opportunity to sponsor such a talented kid. With three consecutive UCI World Championships and two wins at the Grands during his US debut, I think it’s safe to say he’s not slowing down any time soon! We are looking forward to giving Ryan the support he needs to win without the pressure of performing for a factory team sheet. Look for Ryan out front aboard his gloss red Speedco Velox carbon frame, equipped with all AVIAN components, when he starts his hunt for the 2016 USABMX National #1 Amateur title at the Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, Florida,” -Derek Betcher / Brand Manager

“Speedco is about passion and performance. I am happy to have a racer who is performing at the top of his class on the hottest new frame on the market. Ryan and Speedco will have a great year showing off the new product around the world from atop the podium”. -Kirk Morrison / CEO



Velox Dropout Configuration.

There has been some questions about the chain tensioner configuration on the Velox Carbon so here’s a photo. On some of the studio shots, the small nut was installed inside the dropout on some of them which has mislead some customers. Here’s how it should look, the small nut secured against the dropout on the outside to keep the tensioner screw from backing out.